Charity Buzz Issue 07 – June 2024

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News Bytes

Check out this edition’s News Bytes blog post by clicking on the below link:

The Thrift Revolution: How The Youth of Today is Embracing Charity Shopping

Grants for Charities

A charity can approach a foundation and request a grant to help them carry out their work or achieve a project goal and help them give back to their local community. This gives vital help and support to those who are in need of it. Most importantly, a grant is deemed as a gift that does not need to be repaid. As with most things where you are requesting money, you will need to find out if your charity is eligible and fulfils certain criteria before applying for a grant.

Every Issue we will highlight a different entity that offers charity grants. 

This month’s Grab a Grant website is The Laing Family Trusts.

The Laing Family Trusts are a group of four grant-making trusts with a Christian foundation: the Beatrice Laing Trust, the Kirby Laing Foundation, the Martin Laing Foundation and the Maurice & Hilda Laing Charitable Trust. All of the trusts promote Christian faith and values, care for those in need and encourage young people to realise their potential.

The Laing Family Trusts are run on a coordinated basis and an application to one is treated as an application to all. Unless you feel that your application is particularly suited to one particular Trust, you should address it to the Laing Family Trusts as a group; the staff will then assign it to the most appropriate Trust. (UK)

Click here to go to the Laing Family Trusts website and find out more information on all of the grants available and what criteria is required to be eligible.

If you want to find out more information about grants in general, who is eligible and how to apply for a grant, read our June 2023 Issue article, by clicking here.

Every issue we select a Charity to feature in our newsletter. Today, our featured charitable organisation is Sue Ryder, a charity dedicated to providing compassionate care and support for individuals facing life-changing illnesses, providing end-of-life care and bereavement.

Through their network of hospices and community services, they offer a holistic approach to care that encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

One remarkable aspect of Sue Ryder’s mission is their commitment to sustainability and thrift. Their chain of charity shops not only serves as a vital source of funding for their services but also promotes environmental consciousness by giving a new lease of life to pre-loved items. By shopping at Sue Ryder stores, patrons not only contribute to a worthy cause but also participate in the global movement towards sustainable living.

This edition, our News Bytes article focuses on the art of thrifting and it’s no coincidence that Sue Ryder links prominently in this narrative. Thrifting isn’t just about finding hidden gems or scoring great deals; it’s about reducing waste, supporting ethical consumption and fostering a sense of community. Sue Ryder’s charity shops embody these principles, offering a treasure trove of second-hand goods that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Moreover, Sue Ryder goes beyond the retail realm, extending a compassionate hand to those navigating the turbulent waters of grief. In partnership with local communities, they offer Grief Kind Spaces — welcoming sanctuaries where individuals grappling with loss can find solace, understanding and connection. These spaces provide a vital lifeline for those who feel isolated in their grief, offering a safe haven where they can share their stories, find comfort in companionship and embark on the journey towards healing.

If you or someone you know is in need of support, Sue Ryder’s Grief Kind Spaces offer a beacon of hope in times of darkness. Every Wednesday, from 10am to 12pm, the doors of Gladstone Park Community Centre in Peterborough swing open, welcoming all who seek solace and solidarity. There’s no need to register in advance—simply drop in and discover the healing power of community.

For more information about Sue Ryder’s Grief Kind Spaces and other bereavement support services, visit or email [email protected].

As well as highlighting a different charity in every issue, we are also including the report of an inspirational charity member or charity supporter, in our “Reach to Achieve” segment.

This edition features Sam Faulker, a young man walking in honour of his father, Terry Faulker, who passed away last year from a heart attack.

Join us in supporting Sam Faulkner’s remarkable endeavour as he embarks on an extraordinary journey to honour his father’s memory and raise vital funds for the Cardiac Care Unit at Withybush Hospital.

Sam’s commitment is inspiring as he sets out to walk an incredible 87,000 steps in just one day, with each 1,000 steps symbolising one year of his father’s life. Next month, on July 20th, 2024, he will traverse the picturesque Brecon and Monmouth Canal, spanning from Brecon to Rogerstone in Newport.

Reflecting on his motivation, Sam shares, “Losing my Dad last year fuelled my determination to give back to the incredible team at Withybush Hospital’s Cardiac Care Unit, who provided such compassionate care during his final days.”

With a personal connection to canal walks shared with his father, Sam’s journey holds deep significance. “Canal walks were a cherished pastime for us,” he reminisces, “and this challenge allows me to pay tribute to those cherished memories.”

Sam’s dedication resonates with Katie Hancock, Pembrokeshire’s Fundraising Officer, who extends a heartfelt message of support. “We commend Sam for his extraordinary efforts and express our deepest gratitude for his commitment to raising funds for our Cardiac Care Unit,” she says. “Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a profound difference in enhancing the care we provide to our community.”

Your support can help make a meaningful impact. Together, let’s rally behind Sam as he takes on this monumental challenge. Donate to Sam’s fundraiser today:

Every step he takes brings us closer to a healthier, more compassionate future for all.


If you would like to nominate someone for our Reach to Achieve segment, who you feel has shown incredible bravery or surpassed expectations in the face of adversity, etc. please contact us at [email protected] with details and photos where possible.

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