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With over 1 Billion currently active Iphones around the world, the opportunity to showcase your app in the form of an advertisement on Apple’s App Store has never been so important. The app landscape is very competitive, The Apple store currently has over 2.1 million apps available to download and without a great marketing strategy in place, your app will likely get lost in the shuffle.


So what will make your app stand out from the competition? The answer is Apple Search Ads, using Apple Ads will allow your app to be the first one users see on the SERP (search engine results page) when they search a particular keyword that you choose to bid on. This means that if you are keyword targeting correctly, you can reach your target market when they are actively searching for an app. 


Apple Search Ads Keyword Bidding


The Apple Search Ads platform has two types of keyword bidding options that you can employ.


Broad Match Broad match ensures your ad will run on relevant close variants of a keyword, such as singular, plurals, misspellings, synonyms, related searches.


Exact MatchYou can choose a specific term and its close variants, like common misspellings and plurals. 


Similar to Google Ads, the Apple Ads platform allows you to view a search term report to see what users are searching that triggers your advertisement. This means that you can discover new opportunities for keywords or you could even add negative keywords to stop your ad showing for certain terms that may not be relevant or low performers.


How Much Do Apple Search Ads Cost


Apple search ads employ CPT (cost per tap) pricing structure, meaning that you only pay when a search query leads to a click on your Ad, the price of the tap varies greatly between keywords and industries. 


As a guide, the average CPT for Apple Search Ads appears as $0.93, with the more expensive app categories, Finance and Shopping, averaging $1.75 and $1.45 respectively. Naturally, achieving the best possible results for your app campaigns will depend on a number of factors and require time to optimise your app campaigns. 


New Customer Acquisition vs User Retention

Perhaps one of the most important insights that you are able to obtain from the Apple Search Ads platform is the ability to view if the user who has downloaded the app from your ad is a new user or someone that has previously downloaded the app in the past.


Just setting up a campaign on Apple Search Ads and letting it run without the proper ongoing optimisation is not the best way to obtain the best possible results. Our dedicated team of Apple Search Ads experts will ensure that your campaigns have the perfect account structure, relevant keywords, the right ad copy amongst every other factor that will accelerate your downloads. We can also help with things like retargeting campaigns, app landing pages, YouTube Ads and more. 

Get in touch with us today and speak to an expert to find out how we can help you get the downloads your app needs.


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