Quora Ads


Provide Real Value To A Highly Targeted Audience

Quora is a platform where anyone can ask a question and people answer. Quora gets 300+ Million visitors a month worldwide.


Therefore your potential customers may also on Quora, where they might be asking questions or have problems that your products or services could solve. Providing answers to questions will help you to increase popularity which will improve your organic search.


The platform works through upvotes, downvotes, and answers views. The more upvotes or answers views you have, the higher your contribution will climb. Moreover, you can turn insights from others in your industry, or even your own answers into content and targeting the audience that will be interested in it.


How Do You Drive Traffic From Quora To Your Website?

  • Create a stunning profile. Show that you are an authority and stand out.
  • Write high-quality content. Find the most followed and upvoted questions to engage your audience.
  • Publish answers on Quora with links to your blog (avoid having too many links to your website).
  • Find questions that have lots of views and followers to become more visible.
  • Tell a cool story and show that you are the expert in the subject.
  • Find ways to be visual. Insert pictures or videos.

Pros Of Using Quora For Marketing

  • Build brand awareness and reputation. Engaging a vast audience by providing answers to users’ questions. Starting conversations on topics related to your industry allows your brand to build its reputation as an authority, and demonstrates your expertise.
  • Be known as the expert in your field and learn more about your target audience to build trust and credibility within the community of Quora.
  • Organic opportunities: people are looking for solutions/advice/knowledge thus it is an opportunity to increase your audience with engaging answers.
  • Competitive CPA’s
  • Ads are relevant to content users who are already browsing which facilitates your audience to be targeted.

Cons Of Using Quora For Marketing

  • Lower search volume outside the US. 300+ Million users monthly worldwide, with 7% of Quora users being in the UK (that’s still over 21 million people) – 55% male – 45% female.
  • Think about the time allocated against the volume of conversions you can drive – invest time in building the brand organically within the community.
  • Once trust is built, you can start showing your product/service without trying to sell them but demonstrating your knowledge instead.
  • Lower purchase intent (upper funnel) – audience is on Quora to find information and eventually land on your website once you have gained credibility and reliability within the community.
  • While CPAs are competitive, they may still be higher than Google Ads.

Quora is a powerful platform to generate ideas about what your audience is looking for and, to use this opportunity to interact with them with the aim of generating leads from potential customers.


The challenge is to answer those questions without being too promotional about your product or service. Aside from organic search you also have Quora ads, which allow you to get your message seen outside of answers to increase visibility.


So, to conclude, Quora is a great tool to reinforce your brand and organic search and given the specific target audience, you might have a good ROI result. However, since the volume is relatively low (when compared to the likes of Google or Facebook), if you are looking at driving a high volume of conversions you may want to focus on other platforms instead. But, if you understand the role Quora Ads could play in your overall marketing strategy, then it’s definitely worth trialing.

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