Facebook For Charities & Non-Profits

Whatever your cause and reason to exist as a non-profit organisation, the driving force behind all your efforts and operations is a group of likeminded people who get together to make a difference and drive positive change. 


Whether your goal is to recruit volunteers, reach an audience at scale or drive overall growth, Facebook provides a list of useful tools and technologies that are easy to implement and mostly free to use.

  • Facebook Page with Donate Button

Add a Donate button at the top of your Facebook page or post, making it easier for people to give to your organisation without leaving the platform. In order to become eligible to use the Donate button, your organisation needs to be enrolled with Facebook Payments.

Learn more about implementing the Donate button here.

  • Facebook Charity Page Fundraiser

Charity fundraisers allow you to raise money for a specific charitable cause or organisation and once created, can easily be shared on the platform, helping you both generate donations as well as awareness.


Charity fundraisers are different from personal fundraisers. 


Learn more about personal and charity fundraisers here.

  • Facebook Fundraiser Insights Dashboard

The Fundraiser Insights Dashboard is only available for charities that have enrolled to use Facebook’s charitable giving tools. Personal fundraisers, Instagram fundraisers and fundraisers for charities not enrolled will not have access to a dashboard. 


This tool is only available on desktop and allows you to measure the progress made towards your fundraising goal on a given time or date.


Learn how to access and use the Fundraiser Insights Dashboard here. 

  • Facebook Live with Donate Button

Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your audience in real time. Charities have the ability to add a Donate button to their live videos, allowing users to send monetary contributions as they engage with the content. 


Learn how to add a Donate button to your Facebook Live video here.

  • Facebook Live with Fundraiser

Another way to use Facebook Lives to drive donations is linking to your existing fundraiser on Facebook. While you are live on the platform, the total amount of money raised will appear on screen.


Learn how to connect your charity page fundraiser to your Facebook Live.

  • Volunteering Tool

Charities can use Facebook to generate volunteering sign-ups or opportunities. Volunteers can easily register through the platform and as they do so, they are automatically sent reminders prior to the event.


As a charity, you should add a description of the activities that volunteers are expected to help with, the start and end dates and the maximum number of volunteers needed, if applicable. 


Volunteer sign-ups are public and will appear on your charity’s page. Volunteers will be able to register their interest and submit their names and email addresses for you to use to reach out to them.


For more details on how to create and manage a volunteering opportunity, visit this page.

  • Drives Tool

This feature, available through Facebook’s Community Help Hub, lets charities and users organise drives to collect donations for those in need. You can specify the type of the goods as well as a target amount you are aiming to collect. 


If you act as an organisation, you will also be able to create a Drive template to reuse and that can be easily shared with others too so they can collect goods on your behalf.


Learn more about Facebook Drives here.

  • Blood Donations Tool

Organisations that collect blood donations can use this tool to create posts to reach existing donors who signed up to receive updates from you, as well as new ones in nearby locations.


In order to utilise this tool, you need to register your organisation first and receive confirmation of approval. If your application is successful, admins of the page will be able to create blood donation posts.


Best practices for using the Blood Donations tool are available here.

  • Facebook Groups

Groups are a great tool if you are looking to build a sense of community amongst a circle of people who share the same passion for a specific cause. Groups are different from Pages as they have a more intimate and personal feel and encourage engagement between members as well as participation. 


When setting up your organisation’s group, make sure you clearly define its rules, what content you are expecting to see in it and what topics to be covered or discussed by members. Managing a Facebook Group effectively and timely is essential to ensure it is a positive addition to your marketing mix.


Learn more about Groups and how to build and grow a community of users around a specific cause here.

  • Facebook Online Events

Online Events can be used to promote both digital or real-life events across the Facebook platform. They can be private or open to the public, free or paid-for.


Events can be a great way to get together with your audience to build meaningful connections.


Discover Facebook Online Events best practices here.

  • Facebook Stories

If you are looking to build a connection with your audience, you can use Stories to do so. People check Stories multiple times during the day and tend to show a high level of engagement with them. Make your Stories entertaining and communicate your cause in a simple yet effective manner.


Stories only last 24h and are usually the preferred choice for marketers and organisations looking to drive awareness and start conversations with their followers’ base or community. 


DIscover how to make the most of Facebook Stories here.

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