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Expand Your Social Media Reach

With over 332 million daily active users, Snapchat is one of the most powerful social messaging apps. Since Snapchat is known for its excellent (and affordable) user engagement, marketers should make use of the paid advertising options available on the platform.


Snapchat Ads Formats:

  • Single Image or Video Ads

Snapchat Ads appear in ‘Discover’ and Friends’ stories between Publisher content, an excellent alternative for raising awareness. Snapchat Ads can be either a static image or a video.

  • Story Ads

Story Ads are shown in the ‘Discover’ section. Users can view up to 20 sequential Snap Ads using the Story Ad format. This is an excellent choice for brands looking to raise visibility and engagement.

  • Collection Ads

Snapchat Collection Ads provide brands with two possibilities. 

A standard collection ad includes an image or video with four products on tappable tiles. The featured products are specific SKUs chosen by the sponsor. 

Dynamic Collection ads work similarly to regular collection ads, except that the product feed is created dynamically.

  • Commercial Ads

Commercials, like Collection Ads, have two alternatives for advertisers. 

Standard ads that cannot be skipped and Extended Play Commercials that can range from 3 to 180 seconds in length. Only the first 6 seconds cannot be ignored.

  • AR Lens Experiences

According to one of Snapchat’s Global statistics, 200 million+ users engage with AR in-platform daily. Lens ads are effective because they can increase engagement and let users connect with a business in novel and meaningful ways.


Audience Targeting on Snapchat


Instead of targeting specific brands and very defined interests, you would need to select something like ‘Kids Fashion’ on Snapchat Ads to target generic audiences. You would also have an average audience size of around 1 million on Snapchat, whereas on Facebook, you might have between 250,000 and 400,000.


How much does Snapchat advertising cost?


It’s ideal for small and large businesses because it doesn’t require a huge budget to get started. Snapchat advertising works through a bidding system. You can either manage your bids to spend manually or auto-bid to let the platform take over.


In either case, it’s safert to engage a digital agency before starting to run ads, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best returns from your ad spend.


What are Swipe Ups?


There are a few metrics that are different on Snapchat. In the case of Snapchat, you use Swipe Ups instead of Link Clicks, which are usually key metrics to measure the performance of the campaigns. Upon seeing an ad on Snapchat, people are prompted to ‘Swipe Up’ to load the website, which is equivalent to clicking a link.


Are Snapchat ads better than Facebook Ads?


Your goals and the people you’d like to reach will greatly influence your decision. When it comes to cost, about the number of people you reach, Snapchat is much more cost-effective than Facebook. The other thing to consider is the demographic you are looking to target – if you are targeting the 16-24 range, then Snapchat would be the best option, but for 26+-year-olds, Facebook is a good alternative.

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