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Highly Targeted Ads Wherever Your Customers May Be.....

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More Than Just Another Search Agency

Optimyzd offer a range of digital services that offers you complete transparency and the best possible return on your ad spend. Services such as paid search and display (Pay Per Click or PPC for short), paid social advertising, native advertising and more. We run these services across the web and platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Spotify and more.


What really sets us apart from your average PPC agency, is that we don’t simply book ads on platforms for you. The Optimyzd approach to any campaign big or small, is to fully understand your product or service and then put together highly targeted campaigns in the right place, at the right time and with the right message. We will report on your campaigns to the last penny and your campaign will get the Optimyzd treatment every step of the way, from account set up and structure through to landing pages and sales processes. Targeted messages to targeted audiences is what we are all about.


We have a multi-lingual team at our offices in London and Peterborough, with bags of experience, skill and above all, passion for what we do. Forget services, we’re here to be a part of your businesses future success!

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