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Our services have one goal and one goal only, to get your business more leads/customers for less money. To do this we offer a range of highly focussed services around search, display, social, streaming, shopping and video advertising. Targeted message to a targeted audience with a fully optimized journey from the first click or impression, right through to becoming a loyal paying customer.


Flexibility and transparency are what we are all about. Over time, relationships evolve and here at Optimyzd, we are perfectly suited to evolve and grow with you as your business grows. The services we offer can be completely tailored to suit your business and can be adapted and changed as the needs of your business changes over time.


We can work:

  • Independently as your sole marketing partner
  • As part of your existing marketing team
  • To provide temporary cover, such as maternity, sickness or whilst you recruit
  • In conjunction with other agencies
  • In a consultancy capacity
  • In a white label capacity

Multi-platform Targeted Advertising

Paid search or pay per click (PPC for short) allows you to push your ads above the organic search results on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Hundreds of millions of searches are done every day. Search gives you the opportunity to put a targeted message in front of a potential customer at exactly the right time they are searching for a product or service just like yours.   Read more >>
Advertising on social media has numerous benefits for any business. They have huge engaged audiences, numerous advertising options depending on your goals, and best of all, because they know so much about their users, the level and detail of targeting for advertisiers is incredible. Read more >>
Streaming video and audio on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify represents another chance to reach another highly engaged audience. Again, you can target users based on a number of factors including demographics, age, location, interests, etc. Historically video and audio advertising was used for brand awareness, however, platforms like YouTube now offer numerous ad options for direct response advertisers. Click here for YouTube Ads or here for Spotify Ads
If you need to increase brand awareness, influence consideration or sell your product or service, display offers numerous ways to either reach new people or remarket to previous site visitors or customers. Display ads have a number of benefits including low costs, huge reach and like all of the services we offer, can be highly targeted. Read more >>

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We are happy to chat to businesses small, medium or large about how our services can benefit you. Naturally, it’s no obligation. We can meet at your office, at ours, on the phone or on a video call, whichever you prefer.