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New Google Ads customers can get up to £400 in free ads credit T&C’s apply

Google Search Ads represents the biggest opportunity for any business, period. Google has such a huge share of the search traffic (around 90% in the UK) and has a great platform to ensure your message shows in the right place at the right time, costs are controlled and reporting on the ROI of your Google Search Campaigns is crystal clear.


We Are A Google Ads Partner Agency

Being a Google Ads Partner agency means we must continually do the following:

  • Have at least 50% of our team Google Ads certified (we have 100%)
  • Manage a minimum level of spend across clients accounts
  • Demonstrate performance by delivering strong client and company growth

As a Google Ads Partner agency, our team has had access to specifically tailored training direct with Google, dedicated account managers and technical support, better discounts for our clients and has contributed to beta testing new products and features from Google,


How Can Google Search Advertising Help Your Business?

In this day and age, a huge percentage of the population begin almost anything with a Google search. What’s on at the cinema, restaurants near me, bus timetables, compare car insurance, emergency plumber, microwave oven reviews etc. By targeting relevant keywords (searches) you can put your businesses message in front of a potential client at the exact moment they are looking for a product or service just like yours. With over 3.5 billion searches a day being done on Google, you simply cannot afford to ignore the opportunity.


Target, Track & Schedule Your Campaigns

With an array of tracking and targeting options available, your campaigns can be set up to suit the needs of your business, whether it’s a physical location, multiple locations, international reach, a product or a service.


You can target keywords or exclude irrelevant ones, you can target based on age, location, device used. You can track how many times your ads have been seen, clicked, track how many visitors bought a product and how much they spent, track form submissions, track how many people phoned your business and more. Only want your ads to show at certain times of the day or selected days of the week? Your campaigns can be set to run exactly when you want them to, day or night.

Laser focussed targeting + to the penny reporting + total control over ad spend budget = better return on ad spend, by a mile!

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