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Pay per click, or PPC for short, can be split into two categories, search and display. Both search and display advertising offers a tremendous reach for your business. With total control on spend and budgets, plus, to the last penny reporting. Pay per click can help any business, big or small.


PPC For Search

Simply put, PPC for search is where you set a bid in an auction on certain keywords that are relevant for your business. However, this is an auction like no other. The highest bidder is not necessarily the one who appears at the top of the search results. As search engines want to ensure users keep coming back to their site, they have to show relevant results, otherwise, users would get annoyed with the poor results and go elsewhere. With this in mind, every time there is a search, the auction takes into consideration a number of other factors along with the bid. They also look at factors such as relevancy, ad quality landing page experience, and more.


PPC For Display

It’s a similar case with display. Again you enter a maximum bid but instead of bidding on keyword searches, you can target certain types of websites, apps, users who have shown an interest in a topic, demographics, locations etc.


Display ads can be in a number of formats including text, static image, animated image, and video. Display can offer a number of opportunities for your business including brand awareness, increasing sales, and driving loyalty in your brand.


PPC Stats

Google currently enjoys around 90% of search traffic in the UK. The remainder of the traffic then being split by the likes of Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo etc. Advertising with Google search is a no brainer, but don’t count out the others. Due to the sheer volume of searches, not advertising on Bing and your business could be missing out on literally millions of opportunities.

Pay Per Click In Detail

Google Search Ads represents the biggest opportunity for any business, period. Google has such a huge share of the search traffic (around 90% in the UK) and has a great platform to ensure your message shows in the right place at the right time, costs are controlled and reporting on the ROI of your Google Search Campaigns is crystal clear. Read more >>
Advertising on Bing can often be overlooked by search engine marketing professionals. Even though Google has a huge market share, miss the opportunity to get your advertising on the Bing Ads network and not only you will be missing out on millions of searches every day, but you also could be missing out on a lower cost per conversion due to the reduced competition on the platform. Read more >>
Many people ask “What is remarketing and how can it help my business”. Put simply, remarketing is the practice of showing display ads to someone who has previously visited your website. These ads can be shown on websites, social media, mobile apps and more. Remarketing when done correctly, can hugely increase the likelihood of converting a website visitor into a customer. Read more >>
Display advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN) offers a great way to push out your content or sales messages to potential customers as they view websites. Increasing brand or product awareness has always been a good fit for display advertising, but that’s not the only benefit for your business. Read more >>

Pay per click comes under many names. Paid search/display, paid search advertising, PPC, search engine marketing are all different terms used, although they all have the same meaning.


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