Meta For Social Impact

If you run or work for a non-profit organisation or charity, you certainly know the importance of effectively communicating your cause to recruit volunteers, raise awareness, find donors and ultimately drive change.


Meta and its wide range of platforms, tools and technology can help you achieve your social impact goal, no matter what stage you are at. These include:

  • Connecting with supporters
  • Fundraising
  • Build and grow communities
  • Raise awareness of your cause
  • Share information and stories
  • Recruit staff, donors and volunteers

3 Steps To Social Impact Success

1. Build A Community

We know what it takes to succeed with your objectives and to drive positive change; it’s the commitment to your cause and the support of others who believe in it. 


You can use Meta’s tools to build a community of likeminded individuals and connect with them on a regular basis to share meaningful information and stories, recruit volunteers, celebrate successes or simply say thank you for their support. To do so, you’ll first need a Facebook Account and a Facebook Page for your charity. 


Facebook Pages are completely free to create and they represent the voice of your organisation. They can be fully customised and include useful information such as your mission statement, contact details, upcoming events and much more.


When people like or follow your page, they can receive updates in their Facebook Feed.


As you create your Page, you will also have access to the following tools:

  • Facebook Feed
  • Instagram account linking
  • Follower Insights
  • Advertising

To create your Facebook Page, visit:

2. Fundraising

Once you have started establishing your presence and building your community online, you are ready to start fundraising for your cause using the various Facebook and Instagram fundraising tools such as the Facebook Page Donate Button and Facebook or Instagram Fundraiser. 


These tools provide charities with detailed analytics and allow supporters to fundraise on their behalf. And for non-profits that use Facebook Payments, there are no transaction fees on donations.


To be able to access this set of tools, you need to apply online and wait for your application to be reviewed and approved. This may take between two and three weeks. You can apply using the following link:

3. Amplify Reach

Now that your charity is onboarded to the Facebook and Instagram Fundraising Tools, you have the opportunity to take your communication a step further thanks to On-Facebook Donation Ads and two types of custom audiences available exclusively to non-profits organisations. 


These types of ads make it easier for nonprofits to raise funds, thanks to a smooth and easy on-platform donation process that does not require a website or external landing page. This means a higher engagement rate as well as more robust and accurate reporting capabilities.


And to make your advertising effort even more effective, you can create two new types of custom audiences, built specifically for nonprofits. These audiences allow you to easily re-engage with previous donors and previous fundraiser creators but they can also be used to build high-quality lookalike audiences to broaden your reach.

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Alternatively, find out for yourself how the different Meta platforms and technologies can help your charity or non-profit thrive.


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