Remarketing & RLSA


If At First, You Don't Succeed, Remarket

Many people ask “What is remarketing and how can it help my business”. Put simply, remarketing is the practice of showing display ads to someone who has previously visited your website. These ads can be shown on websites, social media, mobile apps, and more. Remarketing when done correctly, can hugely increase the likelihood of converting a website visitor into a customer.


Remarketing Techniques

The best thing with remarketing campaigns is that you can build numerous remarketing lists for your campaigns and then, show a tailored ad that is more specific to what was viewed on your website.


Take an example of an online shop that sells clothing running remarketing campaigns. On the first visit to an online shop, most people will browse then click away. The percentage of people that then buy on subsequent visits increases dramatically and this is where remarketing comes in.


You could build remarketing lists for:

  • All visitors
  • All visitors that didn’t reach the checkout page
  • Visitors of 3 pages or more
  • Visitors in the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, etc
  • Visitors who left products in their cart
  • Visitors to the kids clothing section
  • Visitors to the women’s shoes section
  • Visitors to the men’s Nike sweatshirt page

Each of these lists could then run a remarketing campaign with very specific ads to encourage people back to your website to finish their purchase. These ads could also contain a specific offer or incentive. The more tailored and targeted the ad, the more likely you get another loyal returning customer.


This is just one example, remarketing has numerous benefits for your business and should definitely be included as part of any online marketing campaign.

You also have the option to create “Similar to” audiences. This is where your reach can be increased to include people whose interests and characteristics are similar to those on your remarketing lists.


Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA)

RLSA can be a game-changer for your Google search campaigns. You can basically build up a more detailed picture of the people who are clicking your ads and then modify bids for those lists up or down as appropriate, thus making your campaigns perform better. With RLSA you can target not only people who have visited your website before or similar to lists but also people who fit into different interest categories based on their browsing habits or something that’s called “In-Market” categories.


In-Market Audiences

Using the power of machine learning, put your search ads in front of people that are in the market to buy. People showing more than just an interest, they are display signals in their online behaviour that shows more research, planning and intent. By applying in-market audiences, you can increase bids when a searcher appears on this list so that you automatically bid more competitively because you know from your historical data, people who are in market are more likely to convert.


Using a mix of remarketing and RLSA, we have seen a sizeable increase in campaign performance across the board. RLSA in particular, offers so much insight and value to Google search campaigns, that we roll it out onto everything we do.

If you’re already running Google Ads but not taking full advantage of remarketing and RLSA, get in touch with us today and let us help you get more returns without increasing your ad spend.


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