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Non-profit organisations and, most importantly their employees and volunteers, do an amazing job at raising awareness of meaningful causes in our society and help shape our community by driving positive change. Up until recent years, this was commonly done using traditional communication channels but, as we move towards an increasingly digital world, the ability to effectively communicate an organisation’s cause and values online is a necessity.


As a member of a charitable organisation or non-profit, you know how important it is to create real connections with people to ensure they understand the true meaning of your mission and commitment to it, whilst also making a mindful use of the resources available.


When promotional budgets are tighter, in particular, making smart use of them is paramount. 


This is why performance marketing can be the perfect choice for non-profits and charities to drive awareness of their causes, recruit volunteers, promote events, collect donations and, in general, drive meaningful actions and positive change in the world.


At Optimyzd, we work across a variety of platforms to reach users wherever they may be and in the most cost effective way. 


Discover how these marketing tools and platforms can help you scale your organisation and deliver campaigns that resonate with a large yet engaged audience.

Up to £7,000 free ad credit per month.

Build your community, drive awareness and fundraise across Facebook and Instagram properties.

Up to $3,000 free ad credit per month.

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