Google Ads Grants


Up To £7,000 Ad Credits Every Month For Your Non-Profit

If you run a charity or a non-profit in the UK, you can apply for a Google Ads Grant. This will give your organisation up to £7,000 every month in Google Ads credits to spend on search advertising.


Whilst the thought of “Free money” sounds like a dream come true, many charities will find it a challenge to meet the numerous requirements to quality/maintain the ads grant. That’s why we have created this specific service for Google Ads Grants.


This ad credit can have a hugely positive impact for charities and non-profits. You could use your free ad credits to:

  • Attract new donations
  • Help spread awareness when people search for things such as “Rescue animals” “Youth work schemes” “Homeless shelters” etc
  • Drive awareness and sell tickets to your charity events
  • Recruit volunteers for your charity
  • Reach people who may need your help
  • Increase your newsletter subscriptions

Google Ads Grants Requirements

Getting up to £7,000 per month in Google Ads credits is a big deal for a lot of charities. However, to qualify for a Google for Non-profits account, and then continue to receive the Google Ads Grant, you will need to meet a number of minimum requirements.


To request a Google for Non-profits account, Google states that you must be a non-profit charitable organization in good standing, and meet the full eligibility requirements in your country.


In the UK, those requirements are:


  • Organizations in the UK must be currently registered with Percent.
  • Organizations must be registered with or recognized by relevant authorities as: (1) registered charities; or (2) HMRC exempt charities or churches.
  • Agree to the Google for Nonprofits Terms.

You are not eligible for Google for Nonprofits if your organisation is:


  • A governmental entity or organization
  • A hospital or health care organization (charitable arms or foundations associated with healthcare organizations are eligible).
  • A school, academic institution, or university (philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible).

Once accepted for a Google Ads Grant, you will need to do the following to continue to be eligible to receive the grant for your charity or non-profit each month.


  • Maintain at least a 5% click-through rate (CTR) this means that for every 100 times your ad is shown in the search results, it is clicked 5 times, as this demonstrates your ad is relevant to the searcher.
  • Have at least two different sitelinks.
  • You must have conversion tracking installed on your website.
  • Must have at least two active ad groups per campaign.
  • Keyword quality score must be above 2.
  • All grantees must complete an annual program survey.

This list is not exhaustive but covers the main aspects of a Google non-profit account.


Google Grants for Charities Help

Whilst the above may sound a bit daunting, the measures are only in place to ensure that your ads have the best chance of success and that searchers have a trustworthy and positive experience.


If you are thinking about applying for a Google Ads charity grant, you can do this yourself, or you can take advantage of our Google Ads Grant application service where we will support you through the whole process.


We can help guide you with the setup and application to ensure you have the best chance at being successful in getting your Google Ads grant and continue to benefit from it in the long run.

Google Ad Grant Application

Money-back Guarantee


exc VAT

One-off Fee

  • Google Ad Grant application support from start to finish
  • Account setup
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Google Analytics setup assistance
  • No-quibble money-back guarantee. if you don’t get the grant, we will refund you

Ongoing Account Optimisation

from only


exc VAT

Per Month

  • Campaign optimisation and reporting
  • Budget management
  • Manage the search terms report
  • Improve account efficiency
  • Maintain and exceed ad grant requirements

Google Ads Grants Help

If you have any questions about the Google Ads Grants scheme for charities and non-profits, want to check your eligibility, discuss strategy or anything else in relation the Google Grants scheme, please feel free to book a no obligation meeting or call below, we are happy to help.