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Reddit was founded in 2005 and is managing to grow at an exponential rate. With 430 million monthly active users and over 100,000 active communities, Reddit is still growing. With its incredibly dense and diverse user base, Reddit’s potential reach is nearly limitless. 


Reddit is a community of communities where people can dive into their interests and hobbies, it can be used for; entertainment, news, general information, and staying up to date with brands. It is one of the most popular social networking sites with the UK being its second-highest user base. Being able to target specific communities with unique interests will allow your ads to be shown to relevant potential customers.


Reddit Audience Targeting
(Reach Unique Target Audiences)

Users will gather on Subreddits that they have a great interest in. This is one of the key attractions of advertising on this platform. By targeting these subreddits directly, your ads will be seen by only the most relevant customers. Some of these Subreddits can be so specific that it’ll make finding your ideal customer a breeze. With over 60,000 new Subreddits being added every month you’ll be sure to find the right customers for you.


You are also able to target users based on their interests, this is a broader way of targeting. Reddit offers predefined interest categories that advertisers can choose from. These categories cover a wide range of topics and allow advertisers to target users who have expressed an interest in those specific areas. For instance, you can select categories like technology, gaming, travel, fashion, and more to narrow down your audience.


Additionally, your ads can be displayed on different devices and in different locations, helping you narrow your target audience even further.


Reddit Ads Types and Format

There are many different types of Ads available to you when promoting on Reddit. 


  • Promoted Posts


Promoted posts are designed to blend in with regular user-generated content, appearing seamlessly in users feeds or within specific subreddits. Promoted posts have great flexibility as they can be: image ads, carousel ads, video ads, or conversational placement.


  • High Impact Offerings


You are also able to implement a Reddit takeover, this allows your ads to have priority to dominate the content and visibility on the Reddit platform for a specific period of time. Reddit, being one of the most popular social news aggregation and discussion websites, offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to engage with a large and diverse user base.


Depending on your product or service, we can advise on the best Ad type for your business.


Reddit Ads Measurement and Reporting

Reddit has a wide variety of metrics that will help us track and report on your target audience after they see your ads. Reddit provides us with a comprehensive reporting dashboard where you can access and analyse your ad campaign performance. The dashboard includes key metrics, graphical representations, and customizable reporting options.


We are able to look at the; post metrics, consideration metrics, and conversion metrics. 


Post metrics show us the engagement and reach of your ads. 

Consideration breaks down the page views and content views.

Conversion metrics tell us how many signups, sales, and revenue you have generated.

Benefits of Reporting On Reddit

Ads are highly effective when targeted at the site’s many specific communities.
Reddit has 500 million active monthly users and is still growing.
Targeting users based on interest guarantees high engagement on posts and ads.

Reddit is where audiences go to learn and engage in topics relevant to your business. We will be able to reach these audiences in moments when opinions are formed and decisions are made providing an opportunity for your business to grow.

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