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International, National or Local Advertising

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you will know about Spotify but did you know advertising on Spotify is relatively easy and doesn’t cost too much to get started?


For those who have been under the earlier mentioned rock, Spotify is the biggest player in the streaming of online music and podcasts in the world. With a market share of around 35% which is almost double that of its closest rival, Apple Music (19%). Spotify has a huge and highly engaged audience.


Spotify is a free music streaming service, free users are served ads periodically whilst they listen to music or podcasts. Users who pay for the premium subscription don’t hear the ads.


Of Spotify’s almost 300 million global monthly active users, over 140 million of those monthly active users are not paying for Spotify Premium. These are the listeners that will hear your ads.

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Spotify Ads

Getting your ads on Spotify is relatively easy, but as is the case with most marketing channels, the challenge is how to get the optimum performance and return on investment from your Spotify ad campaigns.


All ads on Spotify last up to 30 seconds and can run a companion banner ad, which can be either a static image or a video. The banner ad can then be linked through to a relevant page on your website.


Spotify Ads Objectives

The first thing you are asked when setting up an advert on Spotify is “What are you promoting?” You have two music-related options, 1) An artist on Spotify, 2) A concert or artist merch, and one Non-music related option, A brand, product, or organisation. The non-music related option would be the one to use to promote your brand or service to Spotify listeners.


Spotify Ad Format & Platform Targeting

Ad types are audio, video horizontal, and video vertical. Vertical video ads can only run on iOS and Android. Audio and video horizontal ads are eligible to run on all platforms.


You also have the option to run on either iOS, Android or desktop. You can pick and choose, or run your ads on all platforms. Depending on what your product or service is, we can advise on the best platform targeting options.


Spotify Audience Targeting

One of the best features of advertising on Spotify is that you get to target who hears your ad (unlike conventional radio advertising)


Location targeting allows you to firstly select by country, you then have the option to run a national campaign, or target certain areas. You can target by town, city, or by postcode. This makes Spotify a great way to run anything from big national campaigns all the way down to highly target localised campaigns.


Target listeners by age, you can target from 13 years old up to 65+.


Target male, female or both.


You then have the option to choose one additional targeting option from genre, interest, or real-time context targeting. Music-related campaigns also have the option to use fan base targeting.


Spotify Ad Creative

Here at Optimyzd we can help advise you on your ad scripts and companion banners. We can also get the audio, display or video ads created for you.


Whilst the primary focus of advertising on Spotify is reach, awareness, and consideration of the audio ad, the companion banner can also give some great secondary insights into the effectiveness of your Spotify ads. We can set up tracking so you can see how your banner ads perform after a listener clicks and goes to your website.


Spotify Ad Reporting

We will report on the reach and effectiveness of your Spotify ad campaigns. Ads served, reach of ads served, frequency of ads served, companion banner clicks and click-through rate, audience demographics, music genres, and the platforms your ads were served on.

Benefits Of Advertising On Spotify

Nearly 300 million active monthly users, are logged in with one account no matter what device they are listening on, mobile, desktop, games console etc.
On average, ad-supported users listen on Spotify 2.5 hours a day.
In the second quarter of 2020, Spotify reported 299 million active users worldwide. This marked an increase of over 60 million in just one year.

The ability to run international, national, or super-local ad campaigns to a highly engaged audience on one of the world’s largest and best-known platforms, with a high level of targeting and clear level of reporting, makes advertising on Spotify hugely beneficial you any business large or small.


If you want to find out more about how we can help your business with advertising on Spotify, get in touch with us today.


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