About Us

Optimyzd is proud to have a truly international team of passionate marketers, all with one goal in mind, to help your business thrive. Optimyzd is a business born from a business. Proud to be a part of the Maze Media group of companies, Optimyzd has come to be for one simple reason, remarkable results for our clients!

Previously, as part of the content marketing agency To The End, we have provided PPC, paid social and native ads for our clients for over a decade. Due to the continued success of these campaigns, Optimyzd has been created to offer even more specialist benefits to our partners and of course, you.

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Meet Our Team

What is it that makes Optimyzd stand out against the opposition?

Our people! We give everyone in our team all the support and resources they need to grow and evolve.


Get in touch for a chat

We are happy to chat to businesses small, medium or large about how our services can benefit you. Naturally, it’s no obligation. We can meet at your office, at ours, on the phone or on a video call, whichever you prefer.

  • Phone: 0203 488 1663