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Optimyzd is proud to have a truly international team of passionate marketers, all with one goal in mind, to help your business thrive. Optimyzd was launched in 2019 but we have been offering PPC services within our sister company Maze, since 2009.


We have been providing PPC, paid social and native ads for our clients for over a decade, with efficiency being at the core of everything we do. Due to the continued success of these campaigns, Optimyzd was created to offer even more specialist benefits to our partners.


We invest in our team, we train our team, we challenge our team and we encourage everyone on our team to learn, grow and develop. By investing in our people, the campaigns we run for our partners reap the rewards.


Optimyzd is proud to be part of The Maze Group!

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Meet Our Team

What is it that makes Optimyzd stand out against the opposition?

Our people! We give everyone in our team all the support and resources they need to grow and evolve.

Dez Calton
Managing Director

From handing out flyers to implementing brand new digital marketing strategies into businesses, Dez has done it all. With extensive experience in leisure, event management, real estate, radio, tourism, finance, insurance, and more, he has a wealth of knowledge across multiple industries.


Dez joined The Maze Group at the beginning of 2016 and due to the incredible success he has helped achieve, is now heading up Optimyzd.


The quotes “Highlight the benefits” and “Send paid traffic to specific landing pages” is what you will hear most whenever you speak to Dez about any PPC campaign.


When not at work, Dez likes spending time with family and friends, DJing, watching box sets, swimming, and gaming.

Mara Serva
Head of Marketing Strategy & Operations

Mara is a digital marketer with a passion for advertising and project management.


She studied Media & Advertising in Milan and graduated in 2014. Shortly after completing her studies, Mara moved to London to further develop her skills and career. Here she gained professional experience working as an in-house marketer for both private companies and not-for-profit organisations. She joined the Maze Media team as a PPC Executive in January 2017 and later transitioned into the role of Biddable Media Manager.


Currently, Head of Marketing Strategy & Operations at Optimyzd, Mara oversees a variety of campaigns across many advertising platforms. She is always looking for the next new thing to achieve the best possible results and help our clients succeed.


When not busy working, Mara loves spending time with her friends, discovering the latest bars and restaurants in London and traveling.

Jordan Osborne
PPC Executive

Jordan joined Optimyzd in June 2020 as a PPC Executive, and his forward-thinking and intuitive approach to complex tasks has made him a valued member of the team. He has excelled in achieving growth for clients, alongside his own personal growth that has been clear for all to see.


Jordan has spent over 4 years in the marketing world, starting with engaging social media campaigns for a gym to ensuring clients achieve their goals on various platforms and expanding his knowledge within PPC, e-commerce and data analysis.


Outside of the office, Jordan is an avid Darts player who enjoys a round of golf when the weather isn’t too sour. He is also a massive Kidderminster Harriers fan who knows “That they are massive, everywhere they go”

Connor Flannagan
PPC Executive

Connor, was brought into the Optimyzd family in the summer of 2021 as a PPC Executive. He takes pride in his work and will always thrive to do better and learn more. Since he was welcomed into the team and he has learnt a lot in his first year and his confidence overall has grown significantly! (both in and out of the workplace)


Connor was a Former Digital Marketing Specialist / Social Media Manager Apprentice for 2 years for an events company, where he would run mainly social media ads and use Google Analytics & Ads for internal and external clients. Now at Optimyzd, he not only works on Google and Facebook Ads but is also running regular YouTube Ads campaigns and is also starting to run audio ads on Spotify.


In his spare time, he streams on Twitch, makes Electronic/Rock/Pop music under the name Inlet and produces video content. Anything nerdy, Connor is your guy… Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Gaming, Pokemon & more!

Deepak Sharma
PPC Executive

Deepak is an experienced digital marketing expert with a good hands-on PPC background and has worked in multiple industries over the years. With his 7+ years of industry experience, he has helped many businesses to grow and achieve their goals.


He joined the Optimyzd team as a PPC Executive in the summer of 2021 and works on both in-house and client-based work.


Deepak has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and MBA in marketing and finance. Since both the fields are diverse, this helped him get an excellent grip on numbers and tech simultaneously. This eagerness to learn landed him in this field, and he is thriving to be an expert with a vision to help businesses globally.


In his spare time he likes to train students and working professionals with primary computer and Microsoft Excel skills outside the office hours.

Amil Hussain
PPC Executive

Amil graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in 2017 with a First class honours in marketing and has since worked as both a retail marketing executive and as a digital freelancer handling social media, SEO, and web development for smaller companies across Peterborough.


Amil joined the Optimyzd team in March 2020 and manages several accounts across both Google and Bing.


Amil has a passion for all things digital and is truly data-driven.


When he’s not in the office working, Amil coaches Martial Arts classes in the evenings and is an active Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu competitor.

Danny Brooks
PPC Executive

With just over 5 years of Google experience, Danny comes from humble beginnings. Starting as a PPC apprentice at a small company in Dorking, he worked with many small businesses to expand their reach; all the way to running successful campaigns for a lighting company in Wandsworth.


He joined the Optimyzd team as a PPC Executive in the Spring of 2022.


When not at work, Danny enjoys walking through the woods in Surrey, gaming, board games, spending time with animals, or painting miniatures.

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