Workplace For Good

The Workplace For Good scheme donates the Workplace app to eligible non-governmental charitable organisations that hold valid non-profit status as verified by TechSoup or one of its partners. Further eligibility criteria are available here.

Verified Workplace For Good customers can launch up to five workplaces for their organisation, allowing them to keep communication with employees and donors or volunteers separate. You can also choose to connect your different workplaces by setting up multi-company groups and allowing collaborations across workplaces.


To apply for Workplace For Good, visit or keep reading to find out more about its features and how it can help your organisation thrive.


About Workplace


Workplace is a tool developed and provided by Meta and aimed at facilitating internal business communication and employee engagement, strengthening company culture and improving overall productivity.


Workplace is accessible via the Facebook interface and allows organisations to share updates with employees in a convenient and safe space that is accessible to everyone.

We have listed below some of the best features the platform has to offer.

  • Groups

This feature allows you to create groups within your organisations to better manage communication and ensure that the message is delivered to the right people. 

Employees can share posts in the company’s news feed and group moderators can use Important Posts to pin specific posts to the top of the feed, highlighting key updates. 

All members can interact with posts using comments and reactions, in a similar way they already do on Facebook.

  • Live Video

To make internal communication more effective and engaging, key members of an organisation can use the Live Video feature to connect in real time with their employees, bringing leadership communications to life.

Broadcasting with Live Video can be done via any device and its various accessibility features such as automatic captions, caption translation and editing ensure that the message is delivered to everybody in the team.

Whilst with Live Producer you can create high-quality live events from your computer, including multiple hosts, screen sharing, Q&A and polls.

  • Polls & Surveys

Strengthen your company culture by giving your employee a voice with polls and surveys. You can use these tools to understand what’s top of mind for your employees, whether it is work related or not, get their feedback on important topics and make sensible business decisions that can address any potential issues or simply improve your organisation.

  • Integrations

Workplace easily integrates with a large variety of business tools and apps, from CRM softwares to HR and accounting systems. All done in a safe and secure way.


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