Charity Buzz Issue 01 – June 2023

We are pleased to introduce Charity Buzz, our first newsletter dedicated to charities. In this and future editions, we will cover news and information relevant to those who devote time and energy to helping others. Furthermore, we will provide readers with stories from people who have been positively impacted by charities, as well as resources for those looking to get involved.

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News Bytes

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Spotlight On… Barnardos

Every issue we select a Charity to feature in our newsletter. Today our chosen charity is Barnardos, a cause devoted to making a difference for disadvantaged children, young people, parents and carers across the UK.

Spotlight on Barnardos 1

Barnardos was founded by Thomas John Barnardo in 1867, after he witnessed the lack of education, poverty and disease affecting children in London after moving there from his hometown of Dublin, to study medicine. At the time, statistics showed that one in five children died before their 5th birthday. When an epidemic of cholera swept the city in 1866, killing almost 4000 people and leaving many children orphaned, Barnardo decided to abandon his medical studies and step up to help wherever he could. In 1870, Barnardo opened his first home for boys and went on to found many more children’s homes, totalling 96 by the time he died in 1905. Today, they support and protect children and young people facing a wide range of issues, from drug misuse to disability, from sexual abuse to domestic violence.

Highlighting a more localised branch, Barnardo’s are commissioned to run the Lincolnshire Leaving Care service which involves supporting young people aged 16-25 who are leaving care. They support each young person with a leaving care worker who will visit them every 8 weeks and support them with their education or employment, health, finances, life skills, accommodation and immigration status. They have 4 offices Peterborough, Sleaford, Lincoln, and Louth, but they follow their young people wherever they chose to live in the UK.

They also offer participation events which they rely heavily on fundraising for through the charity such as Go karting, cooking sessions and football tours. They have food donations from Tesco in their Lincoln office and are looking at receiving donations for their Peterborough and Sleaford offices for their young people, especially through the cost of living crisis.

If anyone knows of anyone who would be able to fundraise or support their service and young people, please contact Eleanor Moore – Team manager on 07919696251.


As well as highlighting a different charity in every issue, we are also including the report of an inspirational charity member in our “Reach to Achieve” segment.

Reach to Achieve

Blind Norfolk Veteran Competes in the
World Blind Golf Championships

We have been inspired by the story of golfer Danny Daniels, an 85-year-old, blind, veteran from Swaffham in Norfolk. Danny signed up for a full-time career with the Royal Air Force, after being called up for National Service in 1955 and serving 22 years. He took up golfing later in life but was forced to stop as his eyesight started to worsen. Eventually, he was left totally blind in his left eye with only 5% vision remaining in his right eye and he is now registered blind.

“I was devastated when I found out and depressed for a long while. I’d lost my independence and felt that my life was going to be miserable due to having to be totally reliant on others even to make a sandwich. I did start to think that I couldn’t go on like that.

“I stopped playing golf which I’d taken up as a hobby seven years earlier and it was dangerous to even do the gardening. I felt really isolated at that time.”

“Blind golfers have challenges to overcome, when I look down at the ball, I can’t see the shape. It is as if I am looking at a ball of fluffy cotton wool.

“Therefore, we have three rule changes, we can ground our clubs in all hazards including sand, a club can be placed on the ground to line us up so we know we’re hitting the right way and a guide is allowed to stand directly behind us. Other than that we play by the same rules and with the same equipment as Tiger Woods.”

Danny travelled to Cape Town in South Africa at the end of March this year to compete in the World Blind Golf Championships.

Golfer & Ball

Of the charities that he associated with Danny has said, “All of the help and support I’ve had from Blind Veterans UK and from the England and Wales Blind Golf Organisation has helped me to believe in myself. The ‘can do’ attitude Blind Veterans UK has instilled in me, has led me to where I am now and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Prior to his trip, Danny was quoted as saying, “I qualified for the World Blind Golf Championships just before Covid struck so I’ve been waiting three years for this trip. I’ll be playing against many other players from around the world. Last year I won the order of merit for the over 65s and came second in the overall order of merit for England and Wales Blind Golf. I’m going to South Africa believing I can win. I will be flying back to England with the trophy in my pocket.”

The competition was stiff, with a total of 35 competitors taking part. Danny, unfortunately, didn’t bring home the trophy this time around. His grit and determination must be admired and his sense of self-belief is a testament to his attitude and hard work. 

Quotes from article by Matt Soanes, 26/03/23 – Planet Radio

If you would like to nominate someone for our Reach to Achieve segment, who you feel has shown incredible bravery or surpassed expectations in the face of adversity, etc. please contact us at with details and photos where possible.

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