Quora Ads Campaign Structure & Objectives

Quora Ads are a great option for people who are looking to expand their reach past the more traditional platforms such as Google and Facebook. But just like those platforms, structuring your campaigns correctly and fully understanding the different objectives available, is vital to getting the best results from the platform.

Campaign Structure

The structure of your campaign is made of three levels: Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad.

What is a Campaign?

A campaign is the broadest level of a Quora Ads campaign. It is where you will choose a campaign objective which we will discuss later in more detail, set a daily budget, and an optional lifetime budget. And, ultimately you will decide when your ads will run.

What is an Ad Set?

The ad set level is the core of your advertising campaign. Here you will choose your primary targeting, specify the location where you would like your ad to appear, the type of device and gender you want to target. And finally, select how much you’d like to bid.

Quora Ad Example

What is an Ad?

An ad is what Quora users will actually see. At the ad level, you will choose what type of ad you’d like to create, whether it’s a text or image ad, or a promoted answer.

Understanding Quora Campaign Objectives

There are four different campaign objectives available on Quora: conversions, app installs, traffic, and brand awareness.

Below you will find the breakdown of each campaign objectives and recommendations on how best to use them.

Conversions: Set this objective if you would like to focus on conversions rather than clicks. This is used for directing customers to your landing page — if they proceed, then the conversion is considered complete. If you installed the Quora Pixel, it will automatically display columns that measure the number of click-through and view-through conversions attributed to your campaign.

App Installs: Set this campaign objective you want people to download your mobile app. This feature is only available for accounts integrated with one of our mobile measurement partners (MMPs).

Traffic: Choose Traffic as your objective if your goal is to have more visitors to your website.

Awareness: Set this objective if you are promoting an answer or mostly interested in generating impressions and increase popularity.

Lead Generation: Choose this as your objective if you want to acquire leads using native lead forms on Quora (user doesn’t go to your website).

Quora can be a great addition to your marketing arsenal if used correctly. Just like any other digital ads platform, it’s easy to get started but far harder to get the best results.

If you want to find out more about Quora Ads could help your business, get in touch with us today.

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