Introduction To Shopify

Introduction To Shopify

Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create and manage their online stores. Since its inception, in 2006, Shopify has experienced remarkable growth, transforming from a small start-up to a leading player in the ecommerce industry.

We are going to take a deep dive into the platform, checking out the main features, what Shopify can do for you and the power of ecommerce.

Shopify Key Features

From shoes to shovels, underwear to utensils, you will not look out of place on a site like Shopify. They offer a quality selection of professionally created themes so that users are immediately attracted to your business. Some of the upper class themes will cost around £200-250, but when you think about investments into your online haven, the design needs to be one of your highest priorities. If this is out of your price range at this time, do not fret. There are plenty of very decent free themes available, to start off your Shopify adventure. An added bonus is that the HTML and CSS is fully accessible, allowing you the freedom to make relevant changes to the theme of your choosing. 

If you are running a solo or very small business/start-up and design is not your forte, Shopify again has you covered. They have a team of experts, one of which you can hire, to help customise your shopfront so that it suits your eye and that of your customers. They can pinpoint any little detail and flawlessly perfect every page, colour, image and font. 

Anyone that is anyone in this sphere knows about the trending demographic of mobile > desktop. As the advancing years pass, the more people shop directly from their smartphones or tablets, rather than desktops and laptops. To help you keep up with the trend, and not have to fiddle about with any plugins or secondary sites, Shopify has a mobile-commerce function readily available. If your customer is browsing Shopify on their phone, you’ll not only be there, but your shop will be working without any extra effort on your side. 

Unlike social media sites, you can’t get away with any added gumbo in your domain name. On Twitter, your follower base will let you get away with the odd number or two, an ampersand or underscore, knowing that there are so many accounts on the site now, that not every name is available. However, something that you should think about investing into is a quality domain name. These are absolutely worth paying for, as the more reputable a domain name looks, the higher chances are that someone will visit. You can purchase domain names directly from Shopify, or use your own if it is not already taken. 

Shopify, funnily enough, is more than just a shop. Sure, it’s going to be at the forefront of your business, but it has a few cool features to help with SEO and Content management. Shopify blog will allow you to upload and categorise blogs, as well as create discussions and much more. Shopify also comes with a full content management system, meaning you can host your entire website directly from the platform. A terrific set of tools all in one place helps you save time messing elsewhere, and allows you to build trust efficiently by only needing to optimise one site. You can also control your inventory, add advertising channels and expand the functionality of your Shopify store by adding free or paid for apps.


Shopify has a vast range of fantastic content to get your business off the ground and flourishing. Keep in mind that there will be many more features than the ones mentioned here, whether they be additional Shopify features, or third party plugins. Remember to take your time when creating a site here, as you will want to benefit from as much as possible that Shopify provides. 

There are so many possibilities that can stem from a quality Shopify site, so approach this with an open mind. Fresh ideas are always spawning from the minds of great creators and illustrators, revealing new ways for your site to look and/or operate. You always want to keep up with your competitors in every sense, and Shopify gives you the tools to not just run alongside them, but sprint away.  

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