How To Use Instagram For Your Business

Before we go into, How to use an Instagram account for your business, let’s first cover, how to create your Instagram account.

Download the Instagram app for Apple or Android (It’s recommended to register using app not the desktop/laptop browser)

Click “Sign up” and add your email address. Then, click “Next” or choose the option “Log In with Facebook” to use your Facebook account to sign in.

If you use an email to register, create a username and password. Fill in the necessary information and press done.

If using Facebook, just log in to your account.


At the moment Instagram has over 1 Billion monthly users (500 million people use the platform every day) and that should already be a good reason to create an Instagram account and use it for your business.

According to Instagram, it’s mission is to:

“Strengthen relationships through shared experiences” and this is exactly what every business should be doing.

The question is how to do it?

It’s not all about the number of followers – tell your story

Use your Instagram account to showcase your brand story, engage the audience, and create long-standing relationships with people that are really interested in your products and services.

Be present

Create an account and be found by people organically or by using Instagram ads.

Don’t be shy – communicate

Instagram allows you to communicate directly with your customers so use it to respond to questions or comments.

Quality over quantity (don’t buy followers)

Don’t go for quantity over quality, create high-quality on-brand content that will be of interest to your target market, and avoid buying followers from third parties.

Be genuine

Engage your followers with creative and authentic content. Find, follow and interact with other accounts on Instagram.

Use Instagram ads

Instagram ads are a great tool to reach your targeted audience. Once people see the ad they can click and visit your profile, learn about your services or products and engage with your business.


Instagram, as the second most engaged social network platform, is a great place to promote your business organically or by using Instagram ads. The connections you can make on the platform, make it an essential tool for building relationships with current or potential customers.

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