How To Optimise Your Quora Ads Campaigns For Success

After launching in 2009, Quora has become the leading Q&A platform.
As previously seen the structure of your Quora Ads campaign is made of three levels: Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad. Quora offers four different campaign objectives and based on your business objectives you can choose from conversions, app installs, traffic, and brand awareness. Then build your campaigns, ads set, and ads.

In this article, we will deep-dive into Quora Ads best practices for optimising your campaigns.

Below are some optimisation recommendations you can implement on the Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad level to help you make the most from advertising on Quora.

Campaign Level

Create separate campaigns for different initiatives
It is important to separate campaigns that have different budgets, geo-targeting, dates. This will help you to analyse better and understand which campaigns are working the best.

Reallocate budget accordingly
Pause underperforming campaigns and reallocate budget to best-performing campaigns.

Check your budget
– If you’re consistently hitting your daily budget, consider adding to your budget for even greater reach.
– If you’re not hitting your daily budget, look for opportunities to add more topics to a Topic Targeting ad set or creating an Interest Targeting ad set.

Install the Quora Pixel
This can be done through tag manager or manually and will help you to reach your website traffic audience, conversions tracking and data performance.

Ad set level

Monitor your potential weekly impressions
Understanding your potential weekly impressions will help you to estimate your reach and make sure that the audience you are targeting has enough volume.

Include Contextual (Topic, Keyword, Question), Audience, and Behavioral (Interest, Keyword History, Question History) targeting in your campaigns
A good mix of targeting options allows you to target for greater efficiency and reach a high-intent audience.

Separate out ad sets for clearer insights
– Consider splitting your ad sets by desktop and mobile traffic. Because the cost of desktop and mobile clicks differ, splitting your ad sets by device allows you to bid more efficiently and gain cleaner insights, allowing you to identify which device performs better for you.
– Consider splitting your ad sets by geography. Doing so allows you to easily view which specific segments perform best for you and make necessary adjustments to fine-tune your campaigns.

Location targeting
Consider building out location-specific ad sets by isolating just one country or region. By doing this, you can see which locations are driving performance and optimise more effectively.

Ad Level

Utilize CPC bidding and bid your true value of a click to win more ad placements
With Quora, you will only pay the amount required to beat the next highest bidder therefore try to bid the maximum amount you’re willing to pay to serve an ad. Your final CPC will not exceed your max bid.

Increase your bids to be more competitive
Bidding higher can help not to miss out on impressions or clicks you could have received, which in turn can increase your CTR.

Use Topic Targeting
Topic Targeting will help you to reach more people on content that’s relevant to your business. Use the Bulk add tool to match strong keywords to the most relevant topics on Quora.

Set up Audience Targeting to find the right people at the right time. Quora Ads can be very effective at retargeting existing contacts or users who have visited your site.
– List Match Audiences can help you retarget your customers (by uploading their email addresses) with up-sell and cross-sell offers. It is recommended to have a minimum audience size of 200 emails for optimal targeting
– Website Traffic Audiences can help you retarget users who visited your site
– Create Lookalike Audiences
– When building a Lookalike Audience from a Website Traffic Audience, there must be a minimum audience size of 3000 people.
– When building a Lookalike Audience from a List Match Audience, there must be a minimum audience size of 500 people

Reallocate budget accordingly
Pause poor performing ad sets to reallocate budget effectively after 3-4 weeks.

If your campaign objective is set to: Optimize for conversions: make sure to include Topic, Audience, Keyword, and Question Targeting in your targeting mix.
Optimize for traffic/awareness: consider using Topic, Interest, and Broad Targeting.

Monitor your Auction Insights
Auction Insight will help you understand how competitive your ads are in the Quora Ads Auction.

– If your Auctions Lost to Competition rate is high, that means that your ad set is entering auctions, but not winning many of them: try to increase your bid or improve your creative to be more competitive.

– If your Impression Share is high but your Absolute Impression Share is low, that means your ad set is winning a slot in most auctions but a competitor is winning the top slot in those auctions: try again to increase your bid and improve creative to be more competitive and win the auction

– If both your Impression Share and Absolute Impression Share is high, that means that your ad set is winning most of the auctions: If you would like to get more impressions, the best to do is to expand the targeting options for the creative in this ad set. You could try targeting more topics or trying additional targeting methods, such as Interest Targeting or Lookalike Audience Targeting.

Run A/B testing
Run A/B testing to 2-4 ads per ad set to see which one is performing better than the other.

Test different ad headlines in your copy
– Test a variety of your unique selling points and user benefits.
– Phrase your ad headline as a question that you think prospects or customers have.
– State your solution as the headline to grab attention

Test different optimised landing pages
See which versions result in more clicks and/or conversions.

Test different CTAs
Measure which ones have a greater impact and result in more clicks.

Match your message from ad copy to landing page
Make sure the message between the ad and the landing page is consistent and customers actually find the information shown in the ad as well as on the landing page without needing to further browser on your website.

Try refreshing your ad creative
If your CTR is decreasing, refreshing your ad creative may result in more clicks.


Final thoughts about Quora targeting options, be aware that Quora is still not the biggest advertising platform, but it can still be a very powerful tool to use with proper campaign targeting.

It has a lot of potential as a complimentary ad network. Therefore if you already have strong Google, Facebook or Linkedin campaigns, it may be worth trying to reach your customers in a brand new way on a brand new channel.

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