How to Get Started with Snapchat Ads: Costs, Features, Benefits, Requirements

Snapchat has over 332 million daily active users, making it one of the world’s most potent social messaging apps. Because Snapchat is known for its excellent (and affordable) user engagement, marketers must grasp the paid advertising alternatives accessible on the platform to reach target groups effectively. And businesses can’t lag in leveraging it for their profits. Wondering how? Snapchat ads help companies run campaigns and sell their products and services effectively. Still, several booming business owners are far from leveraging it. Therefore, here is some quick information to help you know how to get started with Snapchat advertising.

Options for Snapchat Ads Campaign Setup

Snapchat Ads Manager lets you create ads, start campaigns, track performance, and optimise toward your goals in one location. 

You have two advertising flows to choose from in Ads Manager:

  • • Instant Create

You can create an ad in less than 5 minutes and immediately generate traffic to your site.

  • • Advanced Create

You can create complex ad packages with more detailed targeting. You may also use the Snap Pixel to track the effectiveness of your ads.

Automated Bidding Strategies and Goal-Based Bidding

There are different bidding options available in Snapchat Ads Manager. It can either be set by yourself based on specific metrics and goals such as impressions and swipe ups or Snapchat can bid automatically to help you reach the maximum conversion actions for your budget.

  • • Goal Based Bidding

Target a specific action you want a Snapchatter to perform, such as installing your app, watching a video, or making a purchase. To bid on lower-funnel goals such as Purchase or Sign-Up, you must first unlock them by submitting those events through the Snap Pixel. 

The Snap Pixel is a piece of JavaScript code put on your site that permits you tracking actions on your site. With the Snap Pixel set-up, you can design campaigns based on the Snapchatters’ actions on your site & optimise them based on insights.

  • • Strategies for Automated Bidding

When bidding in Snapchat Ads Manager, you have a few alternatives – Target Cost and Max Bid. 

Snapchat will adjust your bid amount automatically to optimise conversions using Auto-Bidding automatically. 

Centralised Dashboard Reporting in Real-Time

All of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads can be created, updated, and tracked in Snapchat Ads Manager.

  • • Manage Ads

The Snapchat Ads Manager default page, where you can see performance information and data for all your ad accounts.

  • • Reports

Design and schedule report to track performance and discuss findings.  

  • • Campaign Lab

Use features like Split Testing to discover effective methods and optimise return.  

Immersive Ad Formats Customised to Your Specific Requirements

Snapchat Ads are full-screen, immersive, and engaging advertisements that elicit action and provide results. Select from various ad formats, including a single image or video ads, story ads, collection ads, commercials, filters, lenses, and AR experiences.

  • • Make an Immediate Impact

Full-screen mobile ads should never compete for a viewer’s attention.

  • • Participate in Snapchat Conversations

Participate in everyday conversations in a non-intrusive and profoundly engaging manner.  

  • • Showcase a Selection of Products

Snapchat offers shoppable ad formats showcasing multiple products where you can use Snap Pixels to measure online conversion events, optimise bids and re-engage Snapchatters.  

Snapchat Ads Formats

  • • Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads appear in ‘Discover’ and Friends’ stories between Publisher content, an excellent alternative for raising awareness. Snap Ads can be either a static image or a video.

  • • Story Advertisements

Story Ads are shown in the ‘Discover’ section. Users can view up to 20 sequential Snap Ads using the Story Ad format. This is an excellent choice for brands looking to raise visibility and engagement.  

  • • Collection Advertisements

Snapchat Collection Ads provide brands with two possibilities. 

A standard collection ad includes an image or video with four products on tappable tiles. The featured products are specific SKUs chosen by the sponsor. 

Whilst Dynamic Collection ads work similarly to regular collection ads, except that here the product feed is created dynamically.

  • • Commercial Advertisements

Commercials, like Collection Ads, have two alternatives for advertisers. 

Standard ads that cannot be skipped and Extended Play Commercials that can range from 3 to 180 seconds in length. Only the first 6 seconds cannot be ignored.

  • • AR Lens Experiences

According to one of Snapchat’s Global statistics, 200 million+ users engage with AR in-platform daily. Lens ads are effective because they can increase engagement and let users connect with a business in novel and meaningful ways. 

Brand Safety

The app has dedicated Safety and Support teams to help enforce the rules and provide a space where users and brands feel comfortable. They monitor Snaps and Stories from popular Snapchatters to ensure that Snap advertisements and Promoted Stories don’t appear next to anything potentially harmful to your company.

Snapchat Ads Cost

Starting with just $5 a day, you can launch ads unlocking a new audience without breaking the bank.

Set daily budgets, lifetime budgets, and spend caps to stay within your budget.

  • • Daily Budget

This is the average amount you are willing to spend on a specific ad set per day.

  • • Lifetime Budget

This is the total amount you’re willing to spend during a campaign’s lifetime.

  • • Spend Caps

Use spend caps to limit the overall amount of money your campaign or ad account can spend throughout its lifetime.

The Snapchat Ads cost is determined by how marketers build their campaigns. Snapchat charges per 1,000 impressions (CPM) but supports goal-based bidding.

What Are the Requirements to Create Snapchat Ads?

  • • First, you must log in with your Snapchat credentials or establish a Snapchat account.
  • • Create a business account and a Snapchat account before you can launch ads or build a Public Profile.
  • • Your Business Account will get you access to Ads Manager, where you can establish and manage Ad Accounts, invite, and assign team members, and add financing sources and Billing Centres.
    (Keep in mind that the username you submit here will be the one used to configure your Public Profile).
  • • You will be required to complete your Public Profile. Enter a Profile photo and click “Create Public Profile”.
  • • You must confirm your Public Profile information, upload a profile photo, and click “Create Public Profile.
  • • You need to implement a Snap Pixel on your website. This allows you to track Snapchatters’ actions on your website across devices. With the Snap Pixel in place, you can run highly targeted campaigns.

Ready to Get Started With Snapchat Ads?

At this point, you should be well versed in everything Snapchat – from setting up advertising campaigns to costs, requirements and setup. 

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