Getting Started With Pinterest Ads

With over 300 million monthly active users worldwide, Pinterest is a social media platform that’s gained popularity over the years and is now widely used by people of all ages and groups to find inspiration for all sorts of things. From outfit ideas to healthy meal recipes and home decoration tips and tools, Pinterest is your go-to destination to discover the latest products and trends.

Getting Started With Pinterest Ads

From Inspiration to Purchase

With thousands of new brands joining the overcrowded social media landscape every day, being discoverable and recognisable has become essential to survive and thrive.
That’s where Pinterest comes in.
Users get on the platform to be inspired and discover the latest trends and brands. Whilst businesses are on Pinterest to increase their brand awareness, reach and engage new and existing audiences and ultimately drive sales.

Sometimes referred to as Discovery Commerce or Discovery Shopping, this approach to marketing is powered by machine learning and utilises large sets of data to predict what products or services a user might be interested in and unlock sales opportunities.

This fits in extremely well with Pinterest’s mission statement, which is to “bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love”. A self-called visual discovery engine, Pinterest is the platform you want to be on if you are looking to convert new, engaged customers.

Pinterest Mission Statement

And of course, being on Pinterest is already a great step ahead for your business, but what if you could give your pins a little boost to reach an even wider audience? Thanks to Pinterest Ads, that’s possible too!

Let’s explore the various components of an ad campaign on Pinterest Ads to clearly define what the platform’s capabilities are and how it could help your brand grow.

Pinterest Campaign Goals

Like most advertising platforms, Pinterest Ads supports a variety of goals or objectives, making it a versatile option for both new and more established businesses. Whether you are looking for more customers or simply put your brand in front of as many people as possible, with Pinterest Ads you can do that.

– Awareness
Grow your reach and build brand or product awareness.

– Consideration
Get more traffic to content on or off Pinterest.

– Conversions
Drive actions like online sales, signups and subscriptions.

– Offline sales
Increase in-store purchases.

Pinterest Audience Targeting

To ensure your content is as relevant to your audience’s interests as possible, Pinterest Ads allows a variety of targeting methods that can help you reach your customers at whatever stage of the purchase journey they may be.

– Automated targeting
Let Pinterest pick an audience based on details from your Pin.

– Demographics
Narrow down your audience target by selecting preferred age, gender, location and language.

– Interests
Target users based on the topics they are interested in and let them discover your ads as they browse their feed.

– Keywords
Reach people who are actively searching for specific products or services and show you ads in search results and related Pins.

– Customer lists
Upload your customer email addresses to retarget users who have already purchased from you or engaged with your website or Pins.

– Actalikes
Usually known as similar audiences, actalike audiences are designed help brands reach users similar to their existing customers.

Ad Formats

As it is a visual discovery engine, it goes without saying that ads on Pinterest need to be highly attractive in order to capture the attention of its users and make a brand stand out.
Thanks to the various ad formats available on the platform, this is easier than ever and brands can communicate their products and values in many different engaging ways.

– Standard Ads
Showcase your products and content in a simple vertical or square image format.

Pinterest Ad
Standard Pinterest Ad

– Video Ads
Capture attention and tell a brand’s story with a visually engaging video format.

– Shopping Ads
Quickly convert all your Product Pins into ads to drive more sales.

– Carousel Ads
Carousel ads let people swipe through multiple images in a single ad.

– Collections Ads
Display your products in action with a hybrid format that mixes lifestyle imagery and video content.


Now that we have covered the basics of Pinterest Ads you should be ready to set up your first ad campaign.

Remember that on the platform the quality of your creatives is as important as the quality of your targeted audience so try to focus on quality over quantity.

For more inspiration, visit the Pinterest Ads Success Stories page or get in touch with us below to discuss all your Pinterest Ads needs.

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