How To Drive Leads, Calls And Messages To Your Business Using Facebook Lead Gen Ads

Facebook is a crucial tool for businesses of all sizes and operating in all industries. It helps you reach new audiences, assists you in being found more readily in search, can build a community around your business, promote the material you publish, and help develop a solid brand identity. But what about leveraging Facebook to generate leads?

One of the most compelling reasons to use Facebook marketing is to get new leads who may someday turn into paying clients. Still, many don’t use Facebook to generate leads. If you belong to this category of marketers, you are potentially missing out on thousands of potential clients.

In this article, we unveil the different types of leads advertisers can generate through Facebook and how you can boost your lead generation efforts with this campaign objective.

1.   Facebook Instant Lead Forms

These are a quick and easy way for people to share personal data with a business, usually in exchange for something that can bring value to them, such as a promo code, exclusive access to information or events or a free quote or callback. The entire process takes place on the Facebook platforms itself, as opposed to redirecting the user to an external landing page or website. This is particularly useful in situations where website speed is a challenge. If your website isn’t optimised for speed, bringing customers to a landing page from Facebook can be more harmful than not. It may take longer for a page to load than most people are willing to wait and you may end up losing a valuable lead and potential customer. 

Facebook lead forms, on the other hand, make the sign-up process quick and simple. You can choose either “higher intent” or “more volume” instant forms based on your business needs.

The lead data that is submitted through your Instant Form can be downloaded via a CSV export from Ads Manager or the Publishing Tools section of your business page. Alternatively, if you use a CRM system to track and manage your prospects, you can integrate it with your Facebook Ads account to retrieve your leads. 

2. Messenger Lead Ads

You can use these ads to improve lead quality by nurturing them with useful information delivered through a responsive and engagement-based format.

Automated chats on Messenger should be designed with the intent to engage with people likely to be interested in your business. To access this feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: In Ads Manager, create a new lead generation campaign.

Step 2: In the Ad Set Settings, select Messenger as your “Lead Method.”

Step 3: Make a new ad and under Question Format, select Automated Chat. You can select a default message template or customise your very own.

Incorporating these ads in your marketing strategy is an excellent approach to broaden your brand’s audience and produce more leads for your company whilst delivering a more engaging user experience.

For example, if you operate in an industry with a typically long sales cycle, lead generation ads on Messenger can facilitate the way people start interacting with your business, allowing you to conveniently continue the conversation on Messenger and find answers to questions they may have about your products or services.

3. Facebook Call Ads

Lead generation ads for calls can persuade consumers to call your company for all sorts of reasons – from placing an order to requesting more information or booking an appointment.

When you utilise a basic call ad, your picture or video ad is accompanied by a Call Now button. When people view your ad, they can call your company by tapping the image, video, or Call Now button. When they tap your ad, their Phone’s call dialer appears, pre-populated with the number you specify as the destination. They are then able to make a call. Here’s how to create a call ad:

Step 1: In Ads Manager, create a new lead generation campaign.

Step 2: In the Ad Set Settings, select Calls as your “Lead Method.”

Step 3: Proceed to the creation of a new ad and provide the phone number you want incoming calls to be routed to.

Because of recent modifications to Facebook lead generation campaigns, driving phone calls to your business is a feasible approach for advertisers. Making the most of phone leads will necessitate planning and a suitable procedure that ensures inbound leads are immediately delivered to the appropriate personnel.

Wrapping Up

Lead generation campaigns should be executed using techniques that focus on increasing interest and buzz around your business while also gathering contact information using effective lead magnets. Using Facebook to drive new leads can help you scale your business in a fast and efficient way. 

We have helped many businesses scale thanks to this fantastic tool and would definitely recommend giving it a try if you haven’t done so already. Why not discuss your need with a Facebook lead generation specialist today? Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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