4 Reasons You Need To Include Bing Ads In Your PPC Strategy

When choosing a pay per click (PPC for short) platform to advertise their products/services, many companies tend to gravitate towards Google Ads, simply because Google now and always has dominated the majority of the search market. However, many marketers tend to overlook the benefits of investing their marketing budget into the Bing Ads platform.

One thing I often hear is “Why should we invest time, money, and effort with Bing ads when we can just use Google?” or even more often “Who even uses Bing?”. Well, millions of people do and throughout this post, I’m going to give you 4 reasons you should be implementing the use of Bing Ads into your PPC strategy to grow your business.

1. Includes 3 Big Search Engines

Advertise on Bing and your ads will also show up on Yahoo and AOL amongst others. So that’s 3 big search engines, without doing any extra work

Through these search engines, you’re able to display your ads in front of an audience that searches 376 million times a month, and many that may never use Google. As of April 2020, Bing holds a 10.34% market share in the UK and is comfortably holding second place behind Google.

2. Lower Cost Per Clicks (CPC) in Comparison to Google

You may not reach an audience as wide as the google ads platform can, but you will almost certainly see an overall lower cost for your clicks and conversions in Bing, depending on your industry.

With far fewer competitors utilizing Bing Ads, clicks are often much cheaper than Google and this often translates into better ROI (Return on investment). Bing’s average CPC is 33% lower than what we see on Google Ads. If you’re in an industry that is extremely competitive on Google such as insurance, you’re aware of the sheer amount of competitors bidding on the same keywords and how it can drive up the cost per click and ultimately affect the bottom line, your ROI.

Bing is a great way to get additional traffic, sales, and leads at a cheaper cost.

3. Higher Ad Positions

Ad position is a factor that can arguably be as important as your CPC. The position of your Ad on a search engine results page is calculated in an auction by Google or Bing that considers factors such as your maximum bid, ad score, and several other factors.

When using Google, you’ll generally be competing for the higher ad spot against more competitors than you would be in Bing, making it more difficult to get that sweet top rank position. A higher Ad position means that your ad would be the one that users will see first when they search and will ultimately increase your click-through rate.

The combination of cheaper cost per clicks, higher average rank position, and the average click-through rate of Bing can greatly increase your ROI.

4. Easily Import your Google Ads Campaigns

The thought of creating all your campaigns and ad groups from scratch in Bing can sound quite tedious and time-consuming, who has time for it? Well, if you already have a Google AdWords account, Bing makes it incredibly easy to import all your campaigns on to the bing platform by simply logging into your Google Adwords account. Within a matter of minutes, your entire Google AdWords account will be imported including the settings such as your audience and demographics but also have the ability to increase or decrease your bids and budgets if you wish.

Bing also gives you the option to regularly import your campaigns from Google, meaning if you’re constantly making changes to your Google account, those changes will be implemented into the Bing Accounts.

So there you go, four very good reasons to invest part of your PPC budget into the powerful Bing ads platform. If you would like to know more about how you can utilize Bing Ads to maximise your PPC efforts please click here!

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