Google Display Ads

Display advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN) offers a great way to push out your content or sales messages to potential customers as they view websites. Increasing brand or product awareness has always been a good fit for display advertising, but that’s not the only benefit for your business.


Google Display Ads Benefits

  • Reach 90% of internet users worldwide
  • Target your audience via keywords, demographics, location, browsing behaviour and more
  • Target previous visitors to your site with a tailored offering
  • Lower cost per clicks compared to search
  • Same control over costs and budgets as search campaigns

What Is Display Advertising?


Display advertising is the practice of showing ads on websites and mobile applications as users browse those sites or use apps on tablets and smartphones. With the correct targeting, display advertising can add a completely new dimension to your digital marketing campaigns.


Display ads come in many formats, shapes and sizes. Text, static image, animated image and video can all be used in display advertising campaigns.


As people are not actively searching, they are browsing other websites, you do need to make your display ads stand out and have some real value if you expect people to stop what they were doing and click your ad. Good use of contrasting colour, a strong offer and a good call to action will all help increase your ads attractiveness to potential new customers.


How Can You Effectively Target With Google Display Ads?


Here at Optimyzd we always preach, targeted user, targeted message. The better your targeting, the more individually relevant you can make your message. Fortunately, Google Display Advertising has a great selection of targeting methods, so you can make your ads more relevant.


Contextual Targeting


By utilizing contextual targeting with your display campaigns, your display ads can show to people as they are viewing relevant websites. As your potential customers are reading content that is related to your offering, they are more likely to consider your message. For example, your ad for a local concert could appear in front of a user who is viewing a website with music-themed t-shirts.


Placement Targeting


This gives you the option to target specific websites you feel are relevant. If your business sells plants, for example, you could target a number of gardening websites as you know this is where your target audience will be looking.


Topic Targeting


Topic targeting is based on websites rather than users. Pick a topic such as finance, health, property or sports that each then has various sub-categories to target websites. Target websites that are about beauty and fitness to advertise your latest range of makeup.


Geographic Targeting


If your business has a physical location or if you have found certain geographic locations to be more profitable, you can target based on a users physical location, or exclude irrelevant locations.


Demographic Targeting


Does your targeted audience fit into an age or gender bracket? If so, adding demographic targeting along with other targeting methods can make your ads that much more relevant.




By remarketing to people who have previously visited your site, you can re-engage with those who visited but didn’t buy or cross-sell other products and services. Remarketing when used correctly can have an incredible impact on your display campaigns. To find out more about remarketing click here.


Increase Your Reach

Get your product in front of more people for their consideration.


Audiences or Websites

With a targeted message you increase your chances of success

Right Place

Location Location Location

Use location targeting to only show where you want

We can:

  • Create a display advertising plan for your business
  • Design and build your display ads
  • A/B test different ad creatives to find the best performing one
  • Give the exact same level of reporting you receive for search campaigns

We also do:

Want to get more leads/customers without increasing your ad spend?

By targeting campaigns better, by testing ads, by testing landing pages and by continually optimising every aspect of the campaigns we run, you can get a better return on your ad spend.