The Top Ten Most Important Questions to Ask Any PPC Agency

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Business owners and company directors have so much on their shoulders and limited time to learn how beneficial advertising on Google, Bing and different social media platforms can be for their business.

Here at Optimyzd, we are a Premier Google Partner and fully Bing Certified. We are more than happy to explain and guide clients through the whole process of successful digital marketing campaigns.

There are so many PPC agencies offering their services and it can be very difficult to choose the right one for your business.

Here we discuss 10 most important questions you should ask any PPC Agency before giving them your business and handing over your hard earned cash.

1. Which search engines and social media networks do you manage campaigns for?

Choosing the right PPC agency is essential for the success of your campaigns. Therefore it is always better if the agency you decide to go for can manage campaigns across different platforms and networks, as that can significantly expand your advertising opportunities.

Google is the largest advertising platform and should be included in any marketing strategy but it shouldn’t necessarily be the only one.

2. What are the benefits of being a Google or Bing partner agency?

When the agency has Google Partner status it shows that individuals working for the company are certified and up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and the best PPC practices. In addition, to get the Partner or Premier badge from Google, PPC agencies must meet the performance requirements in:

  • Client revenue growth
  • Client retention
  • Overall revenue growth
  • Growth in the number of advertisers

To be a Google Premier Partner, agencies must demonstrate all of the above but with larger ad spend budgets than those of a standard partner.

3. Do you require a certain level of minimum ad spend?

Some companies accept clients with only big budgets, so think of how much you are ready to invest in your digital marketing budget prior to having the conversation.

4. Who has the ownership and access to the AdWords Account?

In some cases, agencies may open an ad account in their name, invoice you for the ad spend and their agency fee (strongly discouraged by Google). The issue with this is, if you want to leave the agency, they will keep the accounts along with all of the historical data and you will have to start building your campaigns again from scratch.

We have also heard horror stories of agencies actually denying people access to these accounts. If you ever hear this, that’s a clear signal to run for the hills.

When working with a PPC agency, you should make sure you have complete ownership of your account.

5. Do you offer landing page optimisation?

If an agency is only going to focus on the account side of a campaign, they are leaving 50% to chance by hoping the website will convert well. The best agencies also offer landing page optimisation, so make sure any agency you go for, offers more than a basic level of service.

If an agency is only going to focus on the account side of a campaign, they are leaving 50% to chance by hoping the website will convert well.

6. How do you structure your PPC management fees?

PPC agencies use different fee structures. Bear in mind that in most cases they don’t include the ad budget. For example, some agencies will bill you according to your campaign ad spend, a monthly retainer or an estimated time necessary to manage your account.

Be sure to ask what services are included in management fees!

7. What kind of reports do they provide and how often?

Your agency must provide regular reports with data showing the campaign results. Feel free to request information that is important to you to be included in any reporting.

8. Ask what type of accounts and budgets they have managed previously and what are their initial ideas regarding structure and strategy for your campaigns

Feel free to ask for the agency background, what kind of clients they have and how successful are the campaigns they manage.

Some agencies use bid management software to manage their PPC accounts which means they are relying on algorithms to optimise the campaigns they run.

Campaigns we manage are watched by our certified PPC specialists as we like to be in full control of the accounts spend making sure we get the best cost per acquisition (CPA).

9. Is there a minimum contract length?

Check if there is a minimum contract length and if there is an introduction/testing period.

10. What other services does your company offer?

Ask if and what kind of additional services they offer as it may prove to be very cost effective and down the line, it could save you money and time.

How can we help?

We hope the above will help guide you in making the correct decision when it comes to investing in a PPC agency.

Optimyzd is a Google Premier Partner and we are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide all the necessary PPC support your business requires. So feel free to get in touch with us today.

Want to get more leads/customers without increasing your ad spend?

By targeting campaigns better, by testing ads, by testing landing pages and by continually optimising every aspect of the campaigns we run, you can get a better return on your ad spend.

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