Behind The Scenes Of Influx

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Here at Optimyzd, we promote a lot of video content on YouTube for Influx. Powered by Adrian Flux Insurance, Influx is a digital magazine, drawing together all the best stories and images from around the motoring world, and combining them with videos, social media and other digital-only features.

Our sister company WXVE produced a great story about that always special, first car experience. Check out below as Alex tells the story behind the story.

Behind The Scenes Of Influx

Planning Phase

This was a first for us. Never before had we created a fictional short film for Influx. Fortunately, earlier in the year we were given free reign on a couple of films. As soon as I heard that, I was having ideas pop into my head. One idea that stuck, was a short film. Since entering the world of filmmaking years ago, it was always a dream to write, direct, shoot and edit a fictional short film. However, I had to bare in mind that it is at the end of the day, a car film, for car enthusiasts.

This film wasn’t just for young drivers, it’s for anyone who remembers a time in their life when they gained a new sense of freedom, embarked on exciting adventures, and spent their savings on an unreliable vehicle which for some strange reason, they fell in love with. It’s a chance to get a little nostalgic. I delved into the memories I had personally and shaped the film around them.

As a team, we learnt so much shooting this film

The Shoot

As a team, we learnt so much shooting this film. Whether it was trying out new audio recording techniques or how to get across our artistic vision to actors, it was a hell of an experience. For me personally, it’s also the longest I’ve spent on a film in the editing process.

Throughout the project we all needed to keep one very important thing in mind. The client. How was this film going to go down with the Influx faithful? Would people watch more than 5 seconds? And of course the question I consider with every film I create, will people think it’s any good?

All in all it went to plan and there weren’t any setbacks (which is rare with film shoots). The actors we chose were great to work with and we’re very fortunate to have some amazing locations on our doorstep. The reaction from people has been excellent so far and reading some positive comments online has been a highlight for sure.

This was definitely a risky project to pull off. We didn’t have to do it, but it just felt like a good idea. Influx were brilliant in the fact they were up for trying a new style of film and that’s a great position to be in as a filmmaker. We’re already plotting new Influx adventures for the year to come.

Our Approach

To promote this film, we set up two separate campaigns on YouTube TrueView through the Google Ads platform.

We ran an “In stream” campaign, which is the type of video that begins to play as an ad before a video as well as a “Discovery” campaign, these are the suggested videos you see on YouTube.

We added “Custom Affinity Audiences” to both of these campaigns, as we have seen these have produced great results in the past.

The Results

With a pretty small ad spend, we were able to get some great results for Influx.

  • In Stream campaign view rate 77% with almost 38% viewing the whole seven minute long film
  • Almost 400 likes
  • 117 new channel subscribers
  • Over 50k views

Check out the video below to see the story for yourself.

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