About Us

Optimyzd is proud to have a truly international team of passionate marketers, all with one goal in mind, to help your business thrive. Optimyzd is a business born from a business. Proud to be a part of the Maze Media group of companies, Optimyzd has come to be for one simple reason, remarkable results for our clients!


Previously, as part of the content marketing agency To The End and now as Optimyzd, we have provided PPC, paid social and native advertising for our clients for over a decade.


Due to the continued success of these campaigns, Optimyzd has been created to offer an even more specialist service for our partners.

Our Mission Statement

“To provide and continue to seek out new online marketing opportunities for our partners with an unrivalled level of success, transparency, quality and value for money”

You cannot start any relationship without first getting to know someone. With that in mind, click below to meet our team at Optimyzd.

Want to get more leads/customers without increasing your ad spend?

By targeting campaigns better, by testing ads, by testing landing pages and by continually optimising every aspect of the campaigns we run, you can get a better return on your ad spend.